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Leoxian Tamiroth

Emissary of Spirits, Weaver of the Flow, Traveler of planes, and Sorcerer of the Collective of Darmahk

About Leoxian

My name is Leoxian, the eldest son of the elder of my tribe from a far away savannah. My life has never been easy. In fact my tribe always seemed to treat me differently then the other children of my tribe. Since I could remember members of my tribe and the neighboring tibes would speak in hushed tones to one another when I would pass by. I was always told to ignore it from my father and go about my duties as I learned what it ment to be the next leader of the tibe. It seemed tedious then but not so much now. Life has a funny way of making you miss the little stuff you hated when you were younger.

As I grew older and was more into my duties as the aspiring elder of my tribe under my father. Another malor tribe started threatening ours for the territory, likely for bigger hunting grounds though we lived within that spot for fifty years. No one was willing to give it up so easily. As the tribe was getting ready for battle I begged m father to let me join. With little avail he denied my request. So, I did what I was told and agreed to his order going to rest for the evening. That is when I had some sort of strange dream. One that felt too real. A strange looking elephant stood there staring at me with intense eyes, serious, but also caring. Staring directly at me or perhaps even further I am still uncertain, before it gave a deafening trumpet from his trunk it's head turned. Behind it was my small village in the savannah, however, it was different. Huts burned, corpses littering the ground, and kinsmen fighting kinsmen. I stood there unable to move from this sureal dream that then seemed to have jumped forward in time with a great city, this city. That is when the elephant turned back to look at me, and begun to charge. Just as it was about to strike, I wake up. Coming to the realization of it being merely a dream I notice the sun rising from the door of my home.

That is when I rushed to speak with my father to warn him of my dreams. However, when I got there he was with the war-leader of the tribe. So I waited, paced, trying to calm myself and regain patience though I could tell that time was running out. After they were done speaking I quickly grabbed my father's attention to tell him everything. Silently at first the old man stood there listening to me but when I was finished he nodded and begun getting the tribe to pack up and move. Unfortunately, war horns could be heard in the distance the enemy was upon us. Within a blink of an eye the enemy forces were rushing into the village, women and children running, the clash of metal hitting metal as the tribes met in battle.

Among the chaos I spotted an enemy soldier rushing toward my father, weapon in hand, and struck him. I did all I could by rushing to his aid shoving the attacker over, which alerted some of our tribes warriors to rush over to help. I told them I was going to create a diversion and rush to burn some of the tall, dry grass to help separate our tribe from the others then circle back to catch up. With that the warriors escorted my father off the battlefield as I quickly rushed to create the diversion. Just as I was lighting the fire, a large man strikes me across the face, the wound still scaring my face, and captured me.

That is where my story truly begins I think, with my captures and selling me off to master to master for only a few crowns. Until my servitude brought me to this city. The great city of the Overseer, as a palace servant. Something was pulling me to this city, something I can't see, or touch. Something I want to learn. With this I end this scroll in hopes of finding a place among this glorious city.

"We are all part of the Flow."

About the Shaman's guild or Collective of Darmahk. The shaman are a guild of individuals who, through birth, or other circumstances, can manipulate what we call the Flow, or Cosmic Weave. Some have called us psionicists, others have called us warlocks for the darker "magics" we delve into. What we can tell you is that it is our Duty to serve Darmahk. We will use our abilities to defend the city and the world at large, if needs be, We are the stewards of the Flow and all that this entails, and since our guild is sponsored in Darmahk's walls, our loyalties are  thus to the Overseer as well. Any mystical threat that is sent our  way will be dealt with severely. We are the Collective, We are the Emissary of Spirits, We are the Bridge of planes, we are the Keepers of Time, and We are the Destroyer of the Enemy. Nothing shall stand in the way of the Collective's goal and the will of the Overseer for he shall reign forever.

This character is from the game called New World's Ateraan a TORG (Text Online Role Playing Game) If you are interested in the game there is a link below, click the button and be hooked for a long time! Hope to see you in game and happy role playing!

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